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Introducing Rich Profiles for Job Beacon

Starting today, you can create rich profiles using plain old HTML. HTML support is an extra feature which does not replace simple profile cards or markdown. Since it’s best to learn by example, we asked one of our users to share her profile. Many thanks to Renee Lance for this example. Using this example you […]
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The Origins of Job Interviews

Not much has changed since the origins of the job interviews. We ask questions and expect the person knows it all. Knowledge is tricky. It’s important to know things but knowledge without original thoughts is not much of a value. It can even be dangerous. If you can find the answer on Google, why bother […]
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What is Markdown and why should you care?

Markdown has been around since March 19, 2004. Markdown is designed for all of us, for anyone wanting to create beautiful and professional sites or blogs without knowing HTML or any coding. So how does this work, its simple, you write text in Markdown and the system translates that to HTML for you. Markdown has been adapted […]
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200 days of sun, beautiful beaches, the most beautiful harbour in the world, coffee that actually makes sense, people and food from around the world, and the list goes on. Cost of living So how much does it cost to live in such a great city? Lets us list the costs of some basic necessities […]
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