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New York – The financial capital of the world

City of New York

New York city has been the definition of the American dream. New Yorkers are known for their open minds and brilliant work ethic. From Broadway to Times Square, you are bound to find billions of success stories. If you have a pocketful of dreams and the passion to succeed, then this cosmopolitan city is for you. To help kickstart your journey in this glorious city, look no further. The important things to know are listed below.


There are several types of visas available for those who wish to work in this city. Members of 38 countries (these are listed on the link given below) are able to apply for an ESTA, which allows 90 days of travel to the United States for business or tourism without a visa. Check out the official website of the United States Government, https://www.usa.gov/visas for more information.

Jobs in New York

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Income tax

Taxes are fundamental to the workings of a successful city. New York has some of the the highest income tax rates in the country, with rates ranging from 7% to 12%. Sales tax is 8.875% added to the price of goods and services. Visit https://www1.nyc.gov/site/finance/taxes/taxes.page to check out more information on the taxes you would be paying.

Everyday living costs

*Prices are approximate.


It is no surprise that purchasing a property in the Big Apple can prove to be expensive. Most residents prefer to rent to make living here more affordable. We will talk you through some options for your accommodation needs.

Renting a house (ideal for families) – a three bedroom apartment in New York can cost from $4000 pcm. Check out https://www.apartments.com/new-york-ny/ for more prices.

A houseshare (ideal for single people) – this can cost from $500 pcm making it a lot more affordable than renting an entire apartment by yourself. This link can help you find your perfect space https://www.spareroom.com/newyork.


Typical costs of some grocery items are as follows
1L of milk: $0.79 – $1.52
Loaf of bread: $2.20 – $5.50
A dozen eggs: $2.40 – $4.89
1kg chicken: $6.59 – $17.64
1kg white rice: $3.31 – $8.80


Getting around the hustle and bustle in this city can prove difficult and expensive by car. Most New Yorkers opt to ride a bike or use the metro. Typical costs for the metro are as follows:

Adult Single Metro: $2.75
One day ticket: $5.50
Monthly season ticket, unlimited: $116.50

Going out

This truly is a city that never sleeps, which means more fun to be had at any time of the day! Here is a list of some inexpensive things for you to do during your spare time.

Watch a comedy show: $5-$10
Boat around in Central Park: $12
Visit the NYC public library: free
Watch a Broadway musical: $80+

Whatever your life-long career dream may be, the Big Apple is sure to help you succeed

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We hope the information provided helps you with your journey!