San Francisco – The golden city

San Francisco - The golden city

Located in the state of California, San Francisco is a place many can envisage without having had visited. It is the setting of classics such as the movie Mrs Doubtfire and the television programme Charmed. Not only does this golden city contain some of the best views with its high hill top streets, it is also the home to Silicon Valley. It is the ideal place for those who like to get ahead in life.


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Jobs in San Francisco

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Income tax

Living in the State of California you are subject to pay state and federal taxes. These tax rates start from 10% for an earner in the price bracket of $537,500.00 plus. Other tax rates include property tax for property owners. There is also a sales tax of 8.5% on many items and services. More information about taxes can be found at

Everyday living costs

*Prices are approximate.


Properties in San Francisco, whether bought or on rent are a lot more expensive than other places in the USA, this even includes New York City. It is worth conducting your research into the best living solution for your circumstance. Below are some examples prices that should give a rough estimate of what you could expect to pay.

Renting a house (ideal for families) – a three bedroom apartment in San Francisco can cost from $5000 pcm. Check out for more prices.

A houseshare (ideal for single people) – houseshares across San Francisco tend to be heavier on the price scale, starting at $1200 pcm. can help in your search.

Accommodation prices can be lowered by choosing to live slightly outside of the main city. This can give you more financial flexibility.


Typical costs of some grocery items are as follows.

1L of milk: $0.66 – $1.59
Loaf of bread: $2.66 – $5.51
A dozen eggs: $3.00 – $5.00
1kg chicken: $8.80 – $18.74
1kg white rice: $2.20 – $9.37

To save on costs when doing your grocery shopping, be sure to check out farmers markets and independent grocery stores. This could help your money go further.

Going out

No one can deny that San Francisco is a place of exploration and natural beauty This means there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. Some of our favourite things to do are listed below.

  • Visit the Sea Lions at Pier 39.
  • Take a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Explore San Francisco’s infamous China town, you’re bound to find amazing food here.
  • Visit the farmers market at the Ferry Building. You are sure to find amazing and fresh ingredients here.
  • Visit Lombard Street – it is known for being the most crooked street in the world.
  • Hike Mount Sutro.

Although some living costs are higher in comparison to other places in the USA, you will never tire at the marvels of this city. It is truly a special place that will make your work life whimsical and exciting.

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