Introducing Rich Profiles for Job Beacon

Starting today, you can create rich profiles using plain old HTML. HTML support is an extra feature which does not replace simple profile cards or markdown.

Since it’s best to learn by example, we asked one of our users to share her profile. Many thanks to Renee Lance for this example.

Using this example you can create a simple and beautiful profile for yourself or your company on Job Beacon.

Lets start with the result

Job Beacon Profile Sample


And this is how you can create it

Simply add a new profile card and add HTML of your choice.

<h1>About me</h1>

Lover <span class="warn">♥ </span> of Cool Technology!

I am usually asked to create a miracle or just use my magic. So, that's what I do, Make Magic!

<h2>What I Do</h2>

I am a passionate creative who believes in the importance of developing something simple, functional and inspiring through thoughtful interactive experiences.

<blockquote><span class="blue-text"> "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." (1991 book by H. Jackson Brown Jr. to Maya Angelou) </span></blockquote>

<!-- You can also add references to your social media or external profile if you wish  -->

As shown in the above example, we currently support 2 styles. One for the blue text which can be used for quotes or to highlight. And the other to induce emotions.

Job Beacon Logo

Keep your profile simple, most people will look at your profile on a mobile device. We will continue to make it better, it’s a promise! Hope you like it.