The Origins of Job Interviews

Not much has changed since the origins of the job interviews. We ask questions and expect the person knows it all.

Knowledge is tricky. It’s important to know things but knowledge without original thoughts is not much of a value. It can even be dangerous.

If you can find the answer on Google, why bother asking that during an interview? If you can find it, the person in-front of you can too.

Soon, AI will give you all answers. Then what? are you still going to ask people what they know?

Interviews are much more effective when we focus on the person. Their approach to find the solution, their willingness to learn and invent. And of course, to find out if you can work with that person for at least few full moons.

Change is the only constant in life and probably it’s also the most important part of our lives. Why someone is changing their job, career path or the company is less important than why the person wants to work with you.

Resumes are old. They do nothing expect showcase something which no one can verify.

In two decades from now, we will look back at the job interviews and see them as archaic. Very much like ‘The Origins of Job Interviews’.

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