What is Markdown and why should you care?

Markdown has been around since March 19, 2004. Markdown is designed for all of us, for anyone wanting to create beautiful and professional sites or blogs without knowing HTML or any coding.

So how does this work, its simple, you write text in Markdown and the system translates that to HTML for you.

Markdown has been adapted by many blogging platforms including WordPress, Ghost and many more. Its easy to read and write for anyone.

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Just because Markdown is so cool and easy to use, we decided to support it for Job Beacon profiles and Job Descriptions.

As a Job Seeker or Employer, you can now create your profiles with simple cards like you use to or you can use HTML or Markdown. We still recommend to create multiple cards with Markdown so you can arrange them, order, delete much easier.

As an employer, you can now create Job Descriptions in either plain text, HTML or use Markdown. This will make your description stand out.

Markdown Reference

Note that this reference is not a complete Markdown reference but the best bits which you can use to create beautiful Job Beacon profiles and Job descriptions. You can also use this reference to create blog posts, web pages at WordPress and other systems.


# About me (H1)
## About me (H2)
### About me (H3)

Horizontal Divider


Link or Reference

[My Portfolio](https://profile.com)

Image with Alt Text

![Alt text](https://image.jpg)

Bold and Beautiful

**Bold and beautiful text**

Italic and Crazy

*Italicised and crazy text*


> blockquote

Note that the blockquote might appear different on different platforms. This depends on the platform specific styles.

Ordered List

1. Achievements when I was 3 years old
2. Kept achieving until 4
3. Until I discovered that there is more to life than achievements

Unordered List

- There is an order in chaos
- Have you read the Chaos theory?
- Chaos is more natural than we think

That’s about it. Of course there is a lot more to Markdown, however, this basic list is enough to get you started and create simple and beautiful profiles.

Remember, less is more. People do not spend much time reading on mobile devices so it’s better for you to spend some time creating small and precise Job Beacon profiles to get the best chance of getting hired.

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Best of luck! when you get that great job or your part time or travel job; Don’t forget the beacon man.