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San Francisco - The golden city

San Francisco – The golden city

Located in the state of California, San Francisco is a place many can envisage without having had visited. It is the setting of classics such as the movie Mrs Doubtfire and the television programme Charmed. Not only does this golden city contain some of the best views with its high hill top streets, it is […]
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City of New York

New York – The financial capital of the world

New York city has been the definition of the American dream. New Yorkers are known for their open minds and brilliant work ethic. From Broadway to Times Square, you are bound to find billions of success stories. If you have a pocketful of dreams and the passion to succeed, then this cosmopolitan city is for […]
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The city of success

London – The city of success

London is a diverse city, where everyone is welcome. Londoners work hard but they play harder. From watching a fabulous musical at the Westend, to feeling like royalty by visiting Buckingham palace you’ll never grow tired of this magnificent city. Living in London may seem to be more expensive than other cities. But with a […]
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200 days of sun, beautiful beaches, the most beautiful harbour in the world, coffee that actually makes sense, people and food from around the world, and the list goes on. Cost of living So how much does it cost to live in such a great city? Lets us list the costs of some basic necessities […]
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